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ROYAL MARINES WHITE PITH HELMET, Other ranks, QC gilt helmet plate and ball to top with chin chain. Size 6-5/8.$225.00

ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS, VICTORIAN PEAKED FORAGE CAP. Acorn lace band, silver band to peak to indicate Field Grade. Top is black frog with boss. Tailor Samual Bros., Ludgate Hill, London. Red silk lining. Two tears to sweat band. No mothing.$850.00

Peaked cap between the wars style. Named HF Clark. Black/Bronze badge and buttons. Crisp cap. Size 7 GC $250
Gilt ERII badge.
Size 7-1/8
GC $250
STAFF OFFICER'S GUARDS PATTERN No 2 Peaked cap (shorter peak). Scarlet band and QC bullion staff badge. Brown leather chin straps and A/A buttons for Brigadiers and Colonels. Herbert Johnson tailor.
Size 7 to 7-1/8 GC $150
WESSEX BRIGADE Field Grade Officer's No 1 Dress cap. Herbert Johnson Tailor.
Size 7-1/4. Top moth.
GC $150
STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT Field Grade Officer's blue peaked cap. Bullion badge, never worn. Size 6-7/8
VGC $250
GENERAL OFFICER'S PEAKED CAP No 2 cap with wire bullion ERII badge, red band, brown chin strap. Size 7-1/4. Herbert Johnson Tailor
VGC $250
COLDSTREAM GUARDS PEAKED CAP General No 2 cap with brown chin strap. A/A buttons, H Johnson Tailor, Size 7. I believe this General AP Withy-MacLellan was envolved with the North Somerset Bristol Yeomanry who wore Coldstream pattern svc dress. GC $325
North Staffordshire Officers Helmet

BLUE HOME SERVICE HELMET of an Officer, gilt QVC helmet plate with POW
silver plume, scroll,The North Staffordshire Regt,gilt chin chain lined in blue velvet, gilt spike,base and rosettes. Gilt bright and the helmet is in untouched condition, Size 6 7/8.
VGC $1500.

Cocked hat

ADJUTANT GENERAL'S COCKED HAT. Acorn lace, goldlace with Adjutant's gilt button, looks 19th century. Tailor, Hamburg Rogers & Co., Col's white over red plume, size 6-7/8.
GC $795 SOLD

General's Cap MAJOR GENERAL'S PEAKED CAP No 1 blue peaked cap,ERII, cap size 7-1/8 ,two rows of oak leaves, patent chin strap, wire bullion badge, some dulling.Herbert Johnson. tailor.
GC $350
Royals Peaked Cap 1st DRAGOONS (ROYALS) PEAKED CAP. Blue peaked cap, red band, gold bullion eagle 1/2" gold band to peak, mounted buttons, tailor H. Johnson, size 7-1/8.
GC $410
Blues & Royals peaked cap

BLUES & ROYALS PEAKED CAP. No. 1 dress blue peaked cap, red band, 1" gold band to peak, ERII gilt cap badge with red and blue enamel, black chin strap and mounted gilt buttons. Tailor H. Johnson, size 7-1/8. New condition.
VGC $450

Royal Hussars ROYAL HUSSARS. Crimson No.1 Dress cap, field grade. Tailor H. Johnson. Size 7-1/4, silver and gilt cap badge, mounted POW buttons
GC $250
Staffordshire Peaked Cap STAFFORDHIRE PEAKED CAP. Blue cap, field grade, bullion badge, never worn. Size 6-7/8.
VGC $250
Staffordshire Side Cap STAFFORDHIRE SIDE CAP. Blue with gold braid cap, bullion badge, A/A buttons, size 6-7/8, tailor Herbert Johnson.
GC $160
Straw Boater BRIGADE OF GUARDS STRAW BOATER. Straw boater with Guards ribbon, size tailor Lock of London.
VGC $160
GENERAL'S NO 2 DRESS CAP . Khaki peaked cap, ERII. General's buttons and wire bullion cap badge. Red band and brown leather chin strap. H. Johnson tailor. Size 7-1/2.
VGC $450
BRIGADIER'S BLUE FORAGE CAP . Red band, row of oak leaves to peak, ERII. Wire bullion badge, A/A buttons, black chin strap, size 7-1/2. Bates Hatter, London.
GC $195
PEAKED CAP, ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORP. RAOC officer's peaked cap, black with red piping and band, KC gilt cap badge, gold bullion to peak, bl;ack leather chin strap, made by H.Johnson, about a 7".
VGC $195


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